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MERAKI Women's Lightweight Cotton Crew Neck Jumper

MERAKI Women's Lightweight Cotton Crew Neck Jumper

These jumpers are tremendous value and 9 different colours to choose from.

Being 100% cotton, they machine wash really well at 30°C and keep their true shape.

I do like the feel and the fit and for a change, the size is perfect, no need to order a bigger size

Initially I bought this to play golf in but as they are so nice, I have bought a couple more which I wear out anywhere on a daily basis. The jumper is not heavy or too thick so it is easy to wear other layers of clothes either underneath or a jacket over the top ideal when taking our dog for his daily walk or when I go walking with the rambler’s club that I belong to. Some of the other lady walkers have commented on my jumpers and I know that one or two ladies have bought them too so they must be good for the money.

MERAKI Women's Lightweight Cotton Crew Neck Jumper

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