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Masters 5 Series 3 Wheel Golf Cart

Masters 5 Series 3 Wheel Golf Cart

Just getting back into golf and being that much older now, I didn’t fancy having to carry my golf bag, not even for 9 holes so I decided I would treat myself to a golf trolley and chose this particular one because It is in the middle price band and it had 3 wheels which makes it easy to manoeuvre .

I was a little dubious about buy a cheap trolley, concerned it wouldn’t be very strong and may not last too long and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money either just in case I didn’t end up taking golf seriously. I do have to say though, that I was surprised how good my choice turned out to be, the build quality is really good and strong, it’s quite easy to put together and it has a quick lock folding system.

The trolley has a couple of useful pockets where you can store your golf balls, it also has a drinks holder which I find handy. The handle is adjustable for better comfort.

The only one thing about this trolley is that it is a little on the large size and may not fit too well in a smaller boot of a car but other than this little point, I am very pleased with it and for the price I am very happy I bought this one.

Masters 5 Series 3 Wheel Golf Cart

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