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jeansian Women's Outdoor Sports Quick Dry T Shirts

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

jeansian Women's Outdoor Sports T Shirts

I love these shirts, bought them initially to play golf in but took them on holiday with me. After being packed away in the suitcase I expected them to be creased on arrival, to my surprise there were no creases which made me extra happy with them. The quality for the price is excellent, making them great value and the colours are great too. There are different colour packs to choose from, personally I like all the colours.

I had to send the first pack back purely on the basis that they were just a little too tight for my liking so ordered the next size up and they fit perfectly even after washing them and the good thing is that the shirts dry quickly, ..... even quicker on a low heat in a tumble dryer.

jeansian Women's Outdoor Sports T Shirts

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