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bedee Women's Waterproof, Windproof Rain Jacket

bedee Women's Waterproof, Windproof Rain Jacket

I just needed a nice waterproof jacket that would fit in my golf trolley pockets or in my handbag and this is jacket is just the job. I managed to get caught out on the course the other day when it started to poor down with rain so on went my new jacket and it kept me warm and dry until the 9th where we finished off the game. I do like the look of this stylish jacket and that it is also practical which I could happily wear anywhere without a problem and it looks good with either leggings, jeans or a skirt.

It is constructed with 100% polyester and that allows it to breath and doesn’t make you sweat inside. It has 2 handy stud fastening side pockets and a metal zip front fastener. There is a choice of 5 different colours too, personally I do like them all but chose the Yellow with navy blue internal stripes, come in handy when we go sailing being yellow for better visibility if ever we needed assistance.

As much as I love this jacket, I don’t really think it will be that warm in the winter months so I did buy the next size up to allow for a jumper underneath.

bedee Women's Waterproof, Windproof Rain Jacket

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