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Abollria Women's Rain Jacket Waterproof with Hood

Abollria Women's Rain Jacket Waterproof with Hood https://amzn.to/2DJNVNy

I am always dubious when I buy anything and the name is not a familiar one but I have to say how pleased I am having bought one of these super lightweight waterproof jackets. The jacket features, a hood with a drawstring and it does stay in place, 2 good pockets that are actually quite deep with studded flaps, long sleeves with elasticated cuffs, button and zip front fastening. This jacket is also available in many different colours. One little point I do like is the small motif that gives it that more expensive look.

I actually went out walking in the pouring rain to see it stood up to the claims that it was waterproof and I am very please to say that I returned home nice and dry, of course the breathable material helped an awful lot as it didn’t cause and sweat inside either. Perhaps if you were out in the pouring rain for hours, the result maybe a little different but for the time I was out in the rain, I stayed dry.

If you look hard enough you and always find something to be negative about and my only negative remark would be for me personally, the sleeves are just a little too long but I simply fold them in, but who knows, maybe my arms are a touch too short.

Abollria Women's Rain Jacket Waterproof with Hood

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