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54", 62", 68" Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

54" 62" 68" Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

Whether you buy this umbrella for the golf course or for any other reason, if like me, you will not be disappointed. They come in 3 different sizes, 52” 62” and 68” diameter. Now you would think with the size of these you could be taken into orbit if the wind got under it or even turn it inside out and break it like any normal umbrellas. The design of this umbrella has a vent where the wind can pass through but the rain can’t come in due to the deep venting. I like this brolly very much, it keeps my wife and myself nice and dry because of the waterproof material that it is constructed with and to top it all, if you use it as a sun shade it cuts out 99.95% of the sun's rays.

To open the umbrella all you have to do is push a button and it automatically opens with ease, no batteries are required for it to operate. It has a shoulder strap to make carrying it easy.

These umbrellas come in an array of different colours, so if you are of a flamboyant nature or the more reserved individual like me, you should find a colour that suites your personality.

I would have to give this a 10 out of 10 and well worth the money

54" 62" 68" Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

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